1 laboratory machine NATEC for processed cheese slices

Référence Brenet
Dimensions hors tout
3300 x 700 x 1000 mm (L x w x h)
Processed cheese
€ 35000 EUR

Laminate and cooling processed cheese in order to make a
wrapped slice
Speed adjustable until 80 slices / minute

Characteristics of the product
- Thickness
0.5 mm to 15 mm – adjustment by mechanical dispositive
- Width
Adjustable with knives – max. 120 mm
- input product temperatures
Mini 50°C – Max 100°C
- outflow product temperatures
Mini 5°C – Maxi 20°C

The machine is composed with stainless steel frame and 4 cooling
Each cooling roll has its own water circuit circulation (circulation
system + regulation valve 3 ways + probe PT100) - Motor power
(cooling rolls) 1 KW – 3205/14 rpm

The processed cheese is feeding inside the machine by mean
of a stainless steel feeding hopper. The feeding hopper is located
on the top part of the machine

The processed cheese is transferred rolls by rolls by mean of
On these rolls, the processed cheese is cooled, flattened and
cut in slices.
On the third roll, a cutting system (movable knives) is installed…
- cut of the exterior border,
- width adjustment of the slice
- and ejection of the dusts.

The processed cheese is transferred by mean of belts to the
wrapping machine.

Overall dimensions : 2400 x 1600 x 2600 mm (L x w x h)

Stainless steel panel control with operating console in front
- Control of the pumps
- Adjustment of temperatures
- Speed variation

Wrapping machine – 1 line

Flattening the cheese slice
Putting the slice inside the packing
Folding of the packing
Sealing of the packing
Individual cutting of the packing
Ejection of the slice

Electric drawings
Technical documentation

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