Laboratory autoclave

Référence Brenet
Machine type
Dimensions hors tout
1700 x 900 x 1310 mm (L x W x H)
€ 3600 EUR

Rotary autoclave with overpressure for the research and the development of the sterilization of all the product treated by thermic heat
The sterilizing box can receive container for a +/- volume of:
Width : 260 mm
Height : 260 mm
Deepness : 320 mm
Maximum pressure of working : 6 bars
Rotation or oscillation of the box : 6 to 39 rpm
The driving axle is perforated in order to receive detectors from a
device with rotary contact
With a recorder it is possible to control the temperature in the product
and to register the number of rotations per minute
The inner space of the sterilizing box can be obser ved during the
running by mean of a window fitted with a light
Frame : painted
The inner is accessible from 3 sides
Motoreducer with speed regulator for the rotation of the carrier
Voltage : 220 – 380
Intensity : 2,9 – 1,68 A
920 rpm
50 Hz
Control panel

Equipment sold "as is", without warantee