Case packer GRANDI

Référence Brenet
Machine type
Serial number
KMAG serie 6
Dimensions hors tout
2330 x 1050 x 1700 mm (L x w x h)
Wrapping machines
€ 6500 EUR

Machine which allows the automatic case packing of round boxes for processed cheese
Frame in painted steel with 4 feet with adjustable height
Panel control fixed onto the frame

Running :
Introduction of boxes by the side of the machine. Four boxes at each time. One sensor activates a jack which allows to go up the 4 boxes to the upper floor.
Security system which avoids boxes to go down.
New running cycle with 4 new boxes.
When we get 24 boxes on the upper floor, another system transfers boxes until the post of cardboard putting.
An operator comes to place an open cardboard upside down on round boxes.
Then he activates a push-button to make tip over the cardboard, the head at the top to be then able to close it.

Maximal number of boxes by column : until 6 boxes
Maximal number of round boxes / cardboard : 24

Machine sold as it is, without guarantee