Blender cooker under vacuum KS type 740

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Machine type
Dimensions hors tout
1800 x 900 x 1600 mm (L x w x h)
€ 13000 EUR

Blender cooker under vacuum KS type 740
Year of manufacturing : 2004
Stainless steel frame
Maximum cooking temperature with direct injection : 135 °C
Maximum cooking temperature with double jacket : 95°C
Cooking vat made in stainless steel
Double jacket for cooling by cold water, or for heating by hot water or steam - Maximum pressure 2 bar
Production volume near 30 litres
Two no end screws inside the vat (maximum speed is 48 rpm with frequency regulation)
Volume of production between 15 to 30 kg max. Product density 0.9
Cooking and control of the temperature by :
-1 temperature sensor PT100 is fixed in the bottom of the vat
-2 steam injectors inside the vat (pressure mini. 1.5 bar)
Necessary steam pressure 2 bar – max. 3.5 bar
Necessary consumption at 3.5 bars : about 3 kg
Maximum temperature inside the vat : 110°C
Cover made in stainless steel
Opening and closure made by gas jacks - manual air-vent
Grill of security under the cover allow the running of no end screws when the lid is open
Main motor : Power 2. 2.2 KW
One motor for the two no end screws
Discharge is made with trap door motorized par pneumatic jack
Adjustable support allows recover the product in different boxes
Vacuum pump with liquid ring - Flow rate 25 m3/h
Automatic water dosing system
1 flow meter with magnetic impulsion
The water is filled through the cleaning bowl (fully cleanable in CIP)
Control panel With stainless steel cupboard IP55
Including an automaton
For the control of the motors, the valves, the temperature regulation, the vacuum pump, the water dosing system, the refining pump
With touch screen on the front door
1 general power switch

Machine sold as it is, without guarantee: